20160513_073554 So there is this ordinary cup of coffee. Its my favorite cup, you know the one. My two olders and dh are off to school, track and work. The younger is sleeping and I have my cup of coffee. Its 7am. The phone won’t ring.

A. Whole. Cup. No. Interruptions.

It is one of those moments that can be crystallized in time. For maybe 5, maybe 20 minutes the house is silent. There is nothing to do but reflect. Or read. Or write.

Every time it happens, I appreciated this simple luxury. I enjoy my gift of a hot cup of coffee, no interruptions.

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About Jolie

I am a lifelong learner. Raised by a woman who collected degrees, I spent my time as a child reading, devouring everything I could put my hands on. My young adulthood was spent in academia, teaching, counseling and learning--both formal and informal. When my eldest child was born, my husband and I chose to become a family with a stay at home parent. We wanted one of us to be home with our children. It was both an easy and a hard transition. Easy, because that bundle of joy kept me busy and fulfilled. Hard because my friends were workaholics, like I was, no one was home, we had just moved to a new community, and the little love of my life was colicky and demanding every waking hour! Today our children number 3, circa 2001, 2003, and 2005. They are bright children, and as bright children often are they are demanding and a joy at the same time. I wouldn't have it any other way. This is blog is about our journey as a family as we travel through the moments of our lives, a collection of our activities, beliefs, successes and failures and always our learning.

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